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About Us

Camp Grace is a privately owned and operated property of over 220 acres located in the western part of Mobile County, Alabama

Our mission is to create a fun and adventurous environment that existing camps and organizations can use for their campers and participants.  We work with a variety of organizations that focus on providing recreational camping experiences for children with health issues as well as provide opportunities for other groups to have unique experiences only found here at Camp Grace.

Here is a brief description of some of our on-site facilities.

The  Lodge

The lodge over looks the lake with an amazing view from its large back porch.  It has two full bathrooms, a small kitchen and meeting area.

IMG_2611  new camp 4  inside of lodge

The “Rec” Center

The Rec Center is the largest of our three centrally air-conditioned buildings. The Rec was built in the spirit of being reminiscent of an old-fashioned community gathering spot.  It has board games, books, ping pong, and other activities.  The Rec been the home of prayer services, dances, rainy day activities, classes, and meetings. The Rec is equipped for AV equipment, including a projector and a screen.

IMG_2183  rec hall inside  rec hall outside

The Pavilion

This outdoor building is the one of the largest at Camp Grace and doubles as the dining facility.  We do not have a full kitchen, but we can cook/heat up already prepared meals in a creative manner.  We have a full sound system in place here with a projector and screen.  The pavilion really does become the “central hub” for most of our groups.  This is also where most of the fish are caught and people relax in the shade while watching friends experiencing the waterfront activities.

IMG_2186  IMG_2500  IMG_2479

The Arts & Crafts Building

This is the smallest of the three centrally air-conditioned buildings and its primary function is just what its name implies, particularly in the summers.  Throughout the year, this building has a number of uses including smaller group meetings.

arts and crafts outside  inside of arts  inside arts

The Big Top

This venue was added to our property in 2013 for two very special events and as a result our groups now have the use of the largest covered structure at camp.  It has a full, custom stage at one end with an awesome backdrop of the lake.  It is open air during the spring and summer and during the winter we have sides to help with the cold.  It provides a great large group meeting space. Many camps will utilize the space of the Big Top as a shaded area for playing small games.  The Big Top has seen several camp events and we look forward to its continued creative uses.

big top 2  big top  IMG_3591

 The Cabins

We have 49 rustic cabins that range in sizes from one (1) queen bed, to two (2) sets of bunk beds, to five (5) sets of bunk beds.  These are arranged into four groups or “pods” and allow for a variety of uses. Our staff can help you assign them according to your needs with consideration to what all is happening at camp when you are here.

cabin4142  IMG_3577  cabin area outlok

The Bathhouses

We have two (2) large bathhouse with multiple stalls and showers in each.  “Old Bath” is located within walking distance of the pavilion and water front and is still close to “Pod 1” of the cabins.  The other one (called the “New Bath”, since it was the latest to be built) is located within walking distance of the Rec Center and very close to the all the cabins as well. The new bathhouse is completely handicap accessible and provides a larger number of showers and stalls.  Camp Grace also has custom outhouses located throughout the cabins and additional shower and restroom facilities to help accommodate larger camps or groups.

new bath house outside picsinks in new bathnewbath showersnew bath stalls

Here are some activities that Camp Grace  has available. (Talk to our staff from more details on these and what is available when)

Ropes Course

Camp Grace offers a team building Odyssey III High Ropes Course as well as a team communication building Low Ropes Course.  The course is safely operated by our highly trained and qualified ropes course volunteer staff.


Swimming Area

The swimming area is marked off by depth at 3 levels, red for beginners and small children, yellow for intermediate swimmers and water basketball, and white for advanced swimmers which includes a platform for them to jump from.

IMG_3602 IMG_3600


The groups can also enjoy canoes, kayaks, paddle boats, paddle boards and inflatable kayaks.

IMG_3596 IMG_2345 IMG_3597


We have both able bodied and adaptive archery.

Bradley Elliot Outdoor Recreation Area

We have basketball, handball/wall ball, sand volleyball, spike-ball, and our 9-hole disc golf course that begins in this area.


Horses and services are provided by being contracted by outside horse contractors that are coordinated by the Camps.  We are happy to point you to two groups:

Celisses School of the Equestrian Arts. For more information on Celisses School of the Equestrian Arts, please visit their Facebook site HERE.

Silver Lining Farms.  For more information on Silver Lining Farms, please click HERE.

horseback IMG_3605 horse  DSCN0878

Go to OUR CAMPS page to learn more about each camp that we serve, and which one is best suited for you.  Also, go to our CONTACT page to learn more how you can be part of the mission of Camp Grace, sign up to volunteer for one of the camps we host each year, or just learn more about how you can help us put a smile on a child’s face.

Below is a basic layout map of Camp Grace.

Revised CG Map 1 Picture