Camp Grace | Leave Your Mark
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Leave Your Mark

At Camp Grace, we believe that camp is more than just activities; it’s a place where you can make a difference in the life of a camper that will last a lifetime.  It’s where you can leave your mark.

Do you want to leave a mark and help create memories that will encourage and inspire?

Click HERE to visit our Contact Page.  We’ll let you know how you can be a part of the Camp Grace team.

Here is an example of how 8th graders at University Military School (UMS) in Mobile, Alabama left their mark at Camp Grace in honor of their classmate Krisanna Roberts.

Krissana was a young girl with a bright smile and blue eyes that shined with excitement.  As she bravely fought cancer, she found joy and happiness at Camp Rap-A-Hope on the grounds of Camp Grace.  This was a special place for her; she came to Camp Rap-A-Hope every year, and was the first camper to use the zip line in our wheelchair harness – an experience that brought lots of smiles and laughter.

Her motto with dealing with cancer was this:  “Have a sunshiny Yellow day!”  Even her worst days fighting her disease were lemon lime because she had to have yellow incorporated into her day somewhere along the way.

To honor her life, her fellow classmates at UMS made tables, chairs, and swings that they sold.  The money they raised was donated to Camp Rap-A-Hope.


This yellow table was constructed as a memorial to Krissana.  As a tribute to her, classmates left inspiring words on the top of the table reminding them of Krissana’s positive attitude.  It was their way of “leaving a mark.”  Making a difference today that will continue to encourage others for years to come.

Every camper who comes to Camp Grace has a story.  With your help, we can add chapters of laughter and hope to their story.

Click HERE to volunteer.