Camp Grace | Volunteer
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There are several ways you can volunteer to help us at Camp Grace!  You can “Help Our Camp Family”, or you can “Help on the Ropes Course”.  Check out each of the headings below and get involved anywhere you can.  You can always Contact us for more information or to ask questions.

Help Our Camp Family

If you have a background in camp counseling, health care, recreation management, or if you simply want to make a difference in the lives of campers, contact one of these camps today:

Camp M*A*S*H

Camp Rap-A-Hope


Camp Sugar Falls

Help on our Ropes Course

If you are interested becoming a part of this special and unique team at Camp Grace we would love to talk to you.  Our ropes course is designed for team building and we need volunteers to help us provide this challenging, fun, and unique experience to our groups.  Please Contact Us to get involved.